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The RA program is a "complete selling system" including lead generation via TV & social media, prospect vetting, fact finder collection, advisor appointments scheduled, proprietary 'retirement blueprints' provided to prospects, case design, all managed with a cutting-edge CRM tracking system. TV commercials are currently airing in a national campaign on Fox News.


Onboarding and Training

Vetted and Qualified Leads

Complete Selling System & Case Design

CRM and Tracking System

Closing Support and Field Training



  • Once selected into the program CFP will provide full onboarding support including contracting, training on lead acquisition, blueprint analysis, sales process, CRM usage, and closing and underwriting support for all cases.


  • RA generates leads from Television and Social Media targeted at 50 – 65-year-olds looking to maximize assets, reduce taxation, retire properly and receive a free retirement blueprint. Once a prospect views the ad they are directed to fill out a fact finder on the RA website. Once completed, RA creates the Blueprints and it is sent to the client via a jump drive and the advisor is notified. The advisor calls the prospective client to go through the draY blueprint and gather any additional information and begin the sales process.


  • Advisors has a 30-45 minutes call with the prospect to build rapport, review the draft blueprint and gather and submit the necessary financial data to the CRM for the final blueprint.
  • RA receives feedback from advisor, finalized detailed fact finder or “discovery” data from the CRM system and designs the final blueprint.
  • The next presentation of the final blueprint shows how our recommendations will minimize the client’s taxes in retirement and lengthen their income stream to age 100. This is accomplished via FIAs and Whole Life as a volatility buffer and possibly converting traditional IRAs to Roth IRAs. CFP or RA is available to participate in the first 4-5 presentations.