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Signature Sales & Marketing Programs

The IFW platforms are industry specific digital platforms providing valuable financial education, resources, and access to financial service professionals. The platforms include websites, email lists, and social media channels.

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The RA program is a "complete marketing & selling system" including lead generation via TV & social media, prospect vetting, fact finder collection, advisor appointments scheduled, proprietary ‘retirement blueprints' provided to prospects, case design, all managed with a cutting-edge CRM tracking system. TV commercials are currently airing in a national campaign on Fox News. 

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College Funding Solutions attracts families interested in reducing the out-of-pocket cost of college. They provide strategies on how to reduce the need for student and parent loans and help gain access to more merit-based aid, the “Free Money” from colleges while ensuring the best outcome to all financial awards and scholarships.  There are specific financial strategies that support the program.

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