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Every Choice Financial Professional is our most valued partner and we consider it our responsibility to earn our relationship, their trust and loyalty.

Simply put, we do it via five core value propositions guided by our principle philosophy to earn the advisor’s relationship.

  True Ownership of your business with immediate vested renewals, no non-solicitation clauses, and you own your business to transfer or sell for full value at your discretion.

  Unprecedented Sales & Marketing Programs that deliver qualified and vetted potential clients in the most favorable way.

  More Revenue & Renewal Upside receiving the payouts you deserve with the highest commissions possible, better renewal schedules, and vesting rules. Oh, and by the way, no expenses. No charges for rent, office usage, administrative functions, or production quotas to meet.

  Open Architecture Platform providing access to all companies so you can offer the most competitive products and services.

  Valuable Training & Unparalleled Support with ongoing sales and product training to continually better your tool kit and knowledge base. Focus on what you
do best and let us do the rest. Choice takes care of it all for you with onboarding ease, selling and case support, administrative work, underwriting assistance, client communications and relationship management.

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